Plastic with high strength and durability

Wide range of plastics allow combinations to achieve good properties in terms of high strength and wear resistance.

Material specification makes the right choice of material.

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Plast, Horda Stans

PP (Polypropen)

One of the most common thermoplastic materials. This plastic is compounded by propene and has good fatigue resistance. We can deliver black PP in a thickness range of 1–3mm.

Plast, ABS, Horda Stans


A styrene-based copolymer that can be delivered in a thickness range of 1–4 mm and different skin-like surface structures (grains). Good features even at low temperatures.

Plast, Horda Stans


A polyester film in a thickness range of 0.12–0.35mm. A thin, durable material, suitable for electric insulation as well as for resistant surfaces on other materials, and for shims or friction reduction gaskets in connection with screw joints.

Plast, skyddsfilm, Horda Stans

Protection film

Polyurethane film in a thickness range of 0.3 mm, transparent, used to protect varnished surfaces, for example.