Moulded parts for different possibilities

Moulded parts in many colours and shapes for both 2D and 3D products.

We are capable to mold in recycled polyester fibre with or without textiles, and cellular polyethylene. Our focus for these parts is heat insulation and sound absorbing applications. You can get any surface layer on your product. We are especially famous for our textile covered, moulded sound absorbers in various shapes and colours.

Anders Edin, Horda Stans

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Anders Edin

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Formpressning, Horda Stans

Polyester fibre sheet

Textile covered, polyester fibre sheet, moulded with an attractive pattern.

Formpressning, Horda Stans

Polyester fibre

A moulded part in recycled polyester fibre (Soundfelt Rec).

Moulded parts, Horda Stans

Polyester fibre with mounting tape

A moulded part in recycled polyester fibre (Soundfelt Rec) with mounting tape on the back.

Formpressning, Horda Stans

Textile polyester fibre

A small container in moulded polyester fibre (Soundfelt Rec) with a surface of grey polyester textile.

Formpressning, Horda Stans

Moulded parts

We can offer any design by moulding of our polyester fibre.

Formpressning, Horda Stans

Absorbing roofpanels in Soundfelt

For enverionmental resons we use our own Soundfelt REC absorbing panels inside the factory in Horda.