Lamination of different layers

We have a modern machine park for surface layer lamination.

Horda Stans has acquired machinery for laminating surface layers which enables us to provide all types of product combinations.

We are specialized in laminating textiles on polyester fibre, as can be seen in below pictures. We also laminate thin PU films and different types of plastic foil on cellular plastics for ex., and have for some time had a number of machines for applying double-sided tape to different materials.


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Laminering, Horda Stans

Aluminium, polyester film

An aluminium, polyester film laminated on a sound absorbing cellular polyether. Provides a wipeable, heat reflecting surface

Lamination, Horda Stans

Holed plastic foil

A holed plastic foil laminated on a sound absorbent foam. Found in the cabs of many machines.

Laminating, Horda Stans

Pu-film on polyetherfoam

A 20 µ thick PU film laminated on a light polyether foam. The surface is moisture resistant and air tight.

Laminating, Horda Stans

Pressed polyether fibre

Sandwich construction is a combination of Surface layers and different kinds of materials to achieve sound absorbing properties.

Lamination, Horda Stans

Polyesterfoam with skin layer

The choice of material creates an exciting result of the end product.

Laminering, Horda Stans

Textile, polyester fibre

A textile lamination on a sound absorbing sheet of recycled poleyster fibre, (Soundfelt Rec).