Sealing strips in cellular or solid rubber

Sealing strips with/without self-adhesion

We supply sealing strips in cellular polyethylene, polyether and polyester with or without self-adhesion. Extruded profiles are available in cellular rubber or solid rubber.

Daniel Fermskog, Horda Stans

Daniel Fermskog

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Rubber sealing, Horda Stans

Rubber sealing

Extruded cellular rubber sealing with double-sided tape for mounting.

Tätningslister, Horda Stans

Cellular polyether

Strip in cellular polyether.

Sealing strips Horda Stans

Sealing strip in PVC

Sealing strip in PVC cellular plastic with double-side tape on one side. Used for sealing between metal sheeting.

Sealing strips, Horda Stans

Sealing strips

Extruded strip in rubber.

Sealing profiles, Horda Stans

Extruded rubber profile

The variations are endless.