Furniture components for cost efficient solutions

Stamping and moulding of materials gives endless possibilities.

We stamp or mould plywood, board, fibre paper and polyester fibre. These products are used in seats, arm rests, backs, wall absorbers, screen walls, and other components in office environments. The possibilities are endless.

Formfiber, moulded fibre paper

Moulded fibre paper is extremely strong. We supply moulded seats for office chairs where the arm rests are assemblied directly onto the seat itself. We can easily produce designs in fibre paper that would be very difficult to realise in veneer since the material is very ductile. This, naturally, greatly increases its areas of application.

Special features of fibre paper

  • extremely strong
  • easily formed form stability
  • uniform high quality
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to work with
  • competitive prices

Our moulded parts are made up of several layers of fibre paper that are glued together before moulding. Each layer is between 1 and 3 mm thick. Parts have between 3 and 9 layers depending on their application.

Precise pressing technology

Over the years, we have developed what we call "precise pressing technology". This means that each sheet is stamp out at its finished size before the separate sheets are glued together and form pressed. This process has largely enabled us to eliminate the normal final edge milling and/or trimming stage. Since the parts will be covered in polyether and textile, these operations are visible. Our customers benefit from this, since fewer processes, in lower prices.

Something for the furnishing and furniture industry

Our production is primarily oriented towards seat and back sections that are covered in some way. Our products can be found in chairs in offices, homes, public places and public transport vehicles as well as in wheel chairs. We are now in the process of developing furnishing and furniture items in paper that will not be covered.

At present we produce about one million pressed parts every year. After significant investments we are now in a position to increase our services to both our present and to new customers.



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Furniture components Horda Stans

Back support

Back support with mounting holes in laminated fibre paper. For more information on this production technology.

Furniture components, Horda Stans

Seat plywood

Stamped plywood seat with attachment holes and openings.

Furniture components, Horda Stans

Stamped plywood armrest

Stamped plywood seat with attachment holes and openings. Plywood section with nut inserts for mounting in a frame. Stamped plywood arm rest with laminated padding.

Furniture components, Horda Stans


Seat in stamped board (often called masonite).

Furniture components, Horda Stans

Plywood seat

Plywood seat section with inserted nuts for mounting in a steel frame and with Velcro along the edge.

Furniture components, Horda Stans


Gluing of several cardboard layers gives a high strength of the end products. Cardboard is also very easy to mould.