Horda Stans manufactures products in a wide range of materials

Horda Stans manufactures parts for a wide range of applications such as sound and noise damping, heat insulation, vibration damping, filters, gaskets, sealings, sealing strips, furniture components, spacers, machine cab interiors.


These are made from many different materials such as rubber, cellular rubber, cellular plastic, felt, plywood and board: For more information open Materials.

Most of the production isdone in our stamping machines, laminating machines and guillotines. We can deliver material in rolls or sheets at highly competitive prices. To facilitate the work of mounting of products, they can also be provided with adhesive tape.

More than 300 customers often use Horda Stans as a partner in their development and research process to find the best possible material for their application.

We produce any quantity!

Prototypes and low volume series to large scale production for the automotive industry.

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Linda Gustafsson

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