Sound absorbers for good acoustics

We offer sound absorbers in different materials for every unique occasion.

Sound absorption is one of Horda Stans' main product ranges. We have been producing sound absorber components for many years - for every imaginable acoustic application. Every application has it's own unique demands and challenges. To meet all of this we have acquired the best channels to obtain the right material for the specific acoustics request.

We have also accumulated useful knowledge for development of this rather complex science involving many conflicting aspects. Demands on fire resistance, weight, frequency spectrum, geometry, cost etc. mean that each acoustics solution requires careful consideration.

Often a combination ofrelatively light absorbers and high-density sound blocking layers is the optimal solution. Structure-borne sound damping inhibits sound instigating vibrations. See the list below for some examples of our products.

We are here to help you get it right.

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Sound absorbers Horda Stans

Cellular polyether (LF301DX)

A sound absorber of cellular polyether (LF301DX) with a thin laminated coating of PU film. The PU film prevents dust from entering the absorber and destroying its properties. Double-sided tape is attached to the back to facilitate mounting.

Cellular polyether for sound absorption, Horda Stans.

Cellular polyether

A cellular polyether with a surface profile that increases sound absorption.

Sound absorbers in Soundfelt Rec, Horda Stans

Soundfelt® Rec

A sound absorber in Soundfelt Rec made of polyester fibre and recycled textile. Very durable and often used where its rigidity, in many cases an advantage when mounting, making mounting tape superfluous. It can even be used as a supporting element in, for example, furniture Construction.

Sound absorber of polyesterfibre, Horda Stans

Polyester fibre

A sound absorber of polyester fibre from recycled plastic material. Here with an embossed surface structure.

Sound absorber, Porofib, Horda Stans


A sound absorber in Porofib made almost entirely of textile waste. A very cost effective absorber with many applications in the automotive industry for absorption in enclosed spaces.

Sound absorber, Horda Stans

Table screen

Sound absorber, table screen.

Sound absorbers, Horda Stans

Sound absorbers

Sound absorbers for all Environments.

Sound absorbers, Horda Stans

Sound absorbers for ceilings

The possibilities are endless, in various shapes and colours.

Sound absorbers, Horda Stans

Sound absorbers for ceilings

Sound absorbers for ceilings can be combined with logos.

Sound absorbers Horda Stans

Sound absorbers for ceilings

Sky Soundabsorber.