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Horda Stans is a company that tries a bit harder than others. With this attitude, we have been able to attract a strong and innovative staff, the most important ingredient in a company. At Horda Stans, a stand-still is considered a setback, therefore development and change have become part of our DNA. For those who want to get something done, as a customer or an employee, Horda Stans is the right place!


Horda Stans was founded in 1974 under the name Horda Packningsindustri AB. The founders of the company chose to end their employments at Värnamo Gummifabrik and start their own company instead. The business initially consisted of making use of short lengths of rubber cloth; an early recycling idea already in the 70s. The cloth became rubber gaskets instead of being destructed as waste. With this basic idea, the company grew during the 70s and 80s.

The company expanded during the 90s and the recycling idea was expanded to also include textiles. Recycled clothes and textiles, primarily from cotton, got a new, second life as sound absorbers in Swedish vehicle manufacturing.

The company has continued to expand and in 2006 a new material was introduced and again with recycling and environment in focus. We saw the need for a sound absorber with better mechanical stability and more processing possibilities than the recycled textile felt used in vehicle manufacturing. A new material was developed where recycled textiles were combined with recycled PET bottles. As this material is thermoplastically moldable, it can be combined with compression molding and lamination to further develop product possibilities and expand the areas of use.

In recent years, large investments have been made in the company. The factory has been expanded to enable continued growth. We have invested in new, more capable machines and more automated processing to further streamline and increase our capacity. We do also continuously invest in our employees to be able to further develop and improve our company. Horda Stans has been an innovating, profitable and expanding company throughout its history, and we will continue to be so in the future!

Henrik Karlsson
Horda Stans AB

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