Cold and hot insulation needs the right material

We produce cold and hot insulation parts in polymer materials such as cellular plastic, cellular rubber and polyester fibre.

All available with or without self-adhesive. Thermal insulation capacity is very dependent on the thickness of the material. We have built up a wide range of materials due to that thermal insulation capacity is not the only criteria to meet at our customers.

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Thermal insulation, Horda Stans

Cellular polyethylene

Stamped insulation in cellular polyethylene. An advantage is the moisture repellency and suitability for condensation insulation on sheet metal surfaces within, the ventilation industry.

Thermal insulation

Cellular polyethylene alveolit

Stamped insulation in cellular polyethylene alveolit. This material has a compact surface, which enhances its sealing properties on smooth surfaces.

Thermal insulation, Horda Stans

Pipe insulation

Pipe insulation in cellular rubber.

Köld och värmeisolering

Polyester fibre

Stamped heat insulation in polyester fibre.