Cellular polyether, polyester with right properties

The customers demand decides the choice of material.

Both cellular polyether and cellular polyester are produced in large blocks making it easier to mould the correct thickness and form. Usual names of these materials are Lamiflex and Fireflex.

Cellular polyether:

There is wide variety of cellular polyethers with different weights and mechanical, acoustic and thermal features. Sound absorbers, mattresses, upholstery, sealings and sponges are some examples of their fields of application. The features can vary a lot depending on the cell dimensions and the quantity of closed or semi-closed cells.

Cellular polyester:

Cellular polyester is similar to cellular polyether but it has a more uniform cellular structure and is oil and fat resistant. Sound absorbers and filters in environments that require oil-resistance are some examples of its fields of application. There is also a water resistant variant of this product which can be used in a multitude of ways.



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Cellular polyether, Cellular cellpolyester

Lamiflex 301 DX

Lamiflex 301 DX is a cellular polyether with semi-closed cells.
Lamiflex is special designed, suitable for sound absorption.
Weight: 27-30kg/m³
Fire class: FMVSS 302

Cellpolyeter, cellpolyester, Horda Stans

Fireflex S305

Fireflex S305 is a cellular polyester with open cells. Fireflex is often used for sound absorption and it´s a material with high fire resistance.
Weight: 30kg/m³
Available in polyether and then it´s called Fireflex T30
Fire class: UL-94 HF-1, FMVSS302

Seals and sound absorption Horda Stans


Cellular polyether with closed or open cells.
Used for seals and sound absorption.
Weight: 40 kg/m³
Temperature range: Min -40ºC Max +120ºC
Fire Class: FMVSS 302 >13mm

Superseal KD, Horda Stans


Superseal W, cellular polyester semi-open cells and often used for sealing.
Weight: 60kg/m³
Fire class: FMVSS302

Superseal KD, cellpolyeter semi-open cells and often used for sealing for automotive.
Weight: 45kg/m³
Fire class: FMVSS302

Recfoam, Horda Stans

Bonded foam

Recycled cellular polyether
Weight: 100-160 kg/m³
Good sound absorption<
Temperature range: Min -40ºC Max +120ºCbr /> Fire class: FMVSS 302

Recfoam, Horda Stans


Melamine foam, open cells
Weight: 9kg/m³
Area of use: Lightweight absorber
Temperature range: Max +240ºC
Fire class: FMVSS302, UL94 V-0

Bulpren, Horda Stans


Cellpolyester with open cells. Mainly a filter material, speaker cover, air filter
Weight: 30kg/m³
Offered in 10-20-30 PPI

Filter, Horda Stans

Filter FR

Cellular polyester, impregnated to have good fire properties. Used as an air filter.
Weight: 50kg/m³
Fire class: UL94 V-0
Offered in 20-30 PPI

Cellular polyether, Cellular cellpolyester

PU-foam stretch

Laminated pu-foam with textile, can be used against skin

Cellular polyether, cellular polyester

Perforated PVC foil back

Perforated and laminated PVC on foam
Can be used against skin.

Cellular polyether,Cellular polyester

Laminated alu-foil

Foam with aluminum foil, used as an extra protection, is also wipeable

Cellular polyether, Cellular polyester

Laminated PU foil

Foam with PU foil as sealing surface